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Who We Are ?

CLAAY – Centre for Legal Aid, Awareness & Youth is a unit of The Helping Hands Group which is a Non -Governmental Organisation registered under Rajasthan Societies Registration Act, 1958. It is working for ensuring quality education to the underprivileged children of Rajasthan with the proper implementation of Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009 and to create legal awareness among the Society. CLAAY was established in 2011 to provide education to the children in the slums of Jaipur city. Since then, the organization has grown both in scope and geographical coverage. CLAAY also organized various legal aid camps in the villages to aware the people about their legal and fundamental rights.

Today we reach out to hundreds of children living both in rural and urban areas through a range of interventions. CLAAY team comprises of budding lawyers and various students from different colleges and schools who all bring their experiences and perspectives to the organization and are unified by the common vision of improving the future of our children and creating awareness in the society by legal aid camps and various awareness programs.


  • Protection of Child Rights :–Promote gender equity and access to education of out of school children including wage child labour through effective implementation of mainly two statutes, namely, Right to Education Act, 2009 and Juvenile Justice Act, 2000. We conduct various surveys and research for the children welfare and fight against the evil of Child labour by various programme. We are also identified and enroll in schools the out of school children.
  • Providing legal services :- Organize free legal aid camps in the villages and remote areas to make people aware about their legal and fundamentals rights and to provide free lawyers to poor and vulnerable who otherwise are unable to present their case in the court.
  • Create awareness :- Make people aware about relevant government schemes and policies for their benefit.
  • Promote self-resolution of disputes :- Encourage people to solve their disputes outside the court or through ADR method.

About The Founder

Mr. Abhimanyu Singh Yaduvanshi

He is an Advocate who has completed his B.A LL.B. (Hons.) from Rajasthan University. He founded this organization in 2011 with the commitment to ensure the proper implementation of Right of Children for Free and compulsory Education Act, 2009. Since then he alongwith his team incessantly is working hard to achieve the objectives. Being a law student he is always concerned about the justice for poor. He believes that lack of awareness is the root cause of exploitation. Therefore, the other objective of the organization is to spread legal awareness among the community, particularly in villages.